Ok. The file should be named "v2".

Would you like to be the reviewer?

Dunno. At least I wanted to have a look at it!

My 0.02€:

I think that the improvement provided is worthwhile.

Two questions: Why no documentation update? Why no non-regressions tests?

As far as the output is concerned, ISTM that "btree index", "hash index" and so would sound nicer than "index: sub-type".

I'm wondering about the sub-query implementation: Maybe an outer join could bring the same result with a more relational & elegant query.

The "gettext_noop" call does not seem to make sense: the point is to translate the string, and there is no way to translate "index: <some sub query>". The result of the query should be translated if this is what is wanted, and that can only be by hand:

  CASE amname || ' index'
    WHEN 'hash index' THEN '%s' ...
    WHEN ...
    ELSE amname || ' index' # untranslated...

   gettext_noop('hash index') # get translation for 'hash index'

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