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> Hi,
> As doc of logical decoding said as a note[1], logical replication can
> support the synchronous replication with some restriction. But In
> addition to this, IIUC in logical replication decoded data is sent to
> subscribers only when the commit WAL record is decoded (calls
> ReorderBufferCommit) .


> It means that the local SQL execution and
> applying the decoded data on subscriber side are always executed in a
> sequential order, and the response time can simply be doubled or even
> more (OTOH a good point is that decoded data of aborted transaction is
> never sent to subscriber). I think there will be a lot of peoples who
> want to use logical synchronous replication but this is a big
> restriction for such user. I think we should document it or deal with
> it.
> Thought?

Definitely should be documented. I think it's covered under logical
decoding, but needs at least an xref.
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