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> The distinction between the standard representation of '{}' as an array
> with zero dimensions and nonstandard representations as a 1-dimensional
> array with zero elements has come up in a couple of contexts on the IRC
> channel recently.

​Just to add to the listing of annoyances.

The following makes me want some way, in SQL, to create an empty
1-dimensional array ...

SELECT array_agg(e_arr)
FROM ( VALUES (ARRAY['1']::text[]), (ARRAY[]::text[]) ) v (e_arr);
--ERROR:  cannot accumulate arrays of different dimensionality

We moved the goals posts nicely with bac27394a1c but not being able to mix
empty and non-empty arrays is problematic.  Ideally an empty array could
become an array of any dimension on-the-fly so that if even explicitly
dimensioned input to array_agg is 1-dimensioned then all empty arrays would
be promoted to 1-dimension and the resultant output would become two
dimensional.  unnest'ing such a structure would pose its own challenges

David J.

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