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> Because of ASLR of the main executable (i.e. something like PIE).  It'll
> supposedly become harder (as in only running in compatibility modes) if
> binaries don't enable that.  It's currently disabled somewhere in the VC
> project generated.

I thought we passed /DYNAMICBASE:NO directly , but I don't see that in
the code. A look at the git logs shows that we disabled it in
7f3e17b48 by emitting
<RandomizedBaseAddress>false</RandomizedBaseAddress> in the MSBuild
project. That'll pass /DYNAMICBASE:NO to the linker.

See https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb384887.aspx

It's rather better than the old registry hack, but it's a compat
option we're likely to lose at some point.

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