Hello Jeevan,

Thank you for comments.

I will include your comments in the updated patch.

>7.The output of describe needs to be improved.

The syntax for DEFAULT partitioning is still under discussion. This comment
wont be
applicable if the syntax is changed.

>I am wondering, isn't it possible to retrieve the has_default and
>here to find out if default partition exists and if exist then find it's
>using rd_partdesc, that would avoid above(7) loop to check if partition
bound is
The checks are used to find the default partition bound and
exclude it from the list of partition bounds to form the partition
This cant be accomplished by using has_default flag.
isDefaultPartitionBound() is written to accomplish that.

>Following call to find_inheritance_children() in
>is an overhead, instead we can simply use an array of oids in rd_partdesc.
I think using find_inheritance_children() will take into consideration
drop of a partition which the value in rd_partdesc will not.

Thank you,
Rahila Syed

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