On 05/01/2017 04:17 PM, David Fetter wrote:
Maybe we could allow a "decorator" that would tell the planner the CTE
could be inlined?

    WITH INLINE mycte AS ( ...)

+1 for a decorator, -1 for this one.

I am not sure I like decorators since this means adding an ad hoc query hint directly into the SQL syntax which is something which I requires serious consideration.

We already have an explicit optimization fence with OFFSET 0, and I
think making optimization fences explicit is how we should continue.
I'd be more in favor of something along the lines of

    WITH FENCED        /* Somewhat fuzzy.  What fence? */
    WITH AT_MOST_ONCE  /* Clearer, but not super precise */
    WITH UNIQUE_ATOMIC /* More descriptive, but not super clear without the 
docs in hand */

or something along that line.

What about WITH MATERIALIZED, borrowing from the MySQL terminology "materialized subquery"?


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