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This problem has been discussed before but nobody's done anything
about it.  The problem is a bit tricky because the core system doesn't
know anything about the function caches maintained by individual PLs.
I suppose ideally there'd be a way for a PL to say "if the definition
of X changes, please tell me to recompile function Y".  That probably
wouldn't be perfect because the PL might not be able to figure out
everything on which they actually depend; that might be
Turing-complete in some cases.  But even a partial solution would
probably be welcomed by users.

Thank you for explanation.
May be I am missing something, but what is the problem with keeping dependencies for PL functions? As you wrote, PL can inform core that functions depends on some set of relations/types/functions and so has to be recompiled if some of them are changed. It is not necessary to build closure of dependency graph - instead of it cascade invalidation can be used. So it is not clear to me where you see here the source of complexity and why this task may be "Turing-complete in some cases"?

The problem can be with overloaded functions and PL languages without static type checking. In this case resolving has to be performed at runtime during function evaluation. But there should be no such problem with PLpgSQL.

But definitely introducing such dependency tracking mechanism for PL will require a lot of changes, in all PL implementations. Looks like no easy fix is possible here. I am not sure how critical is this problem. Definitely it rarely happens, but lack of normal workarounds (restart backend, recreate function?) seems to be disappointing.

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