moving this thread to -hackers, since this looks like a bug.

On 01/05/2017 08:54, Philippe BEAUDOIN wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am coding an update script for an extension. And I am in trouble when
> trying to rename a column of an existing table.
> Just after the ALTER TABLE statement, I want to access this table. But
> at this time, the altered column is not visible with its new name.

I can reproduce this issue.

It looks like this is due to missing cache invalidation between the
ALTER TABLE execution and next query planning (failure happens during

AFAICT, CommandCounterIncrement() is responsible for handling
invalidation messages, but in execute_sql_string() this function is
called before executing a Stmt instead of after.  Moving the
CommandCounterIncrement() just before the PopActiveSnapshot() call (and
removing the final one) fixes this issue for me, but I have no idea if
this is the right fix.

Julien Rouhaud -

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