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> On Fri, May 5, 2017 at 6:10 PM, MauMau <maumau...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > The pgoutput is not built with MSVC.  The attached patch fixes this.
> > I confirmed that a few INSERTs were replicated correctly.
> >
> > Should I add this matter in the PostgreSQL 10 Open Items page?
> Yes, with Peter as committer and Petr as owner.
> +    my $pgoutput = $solution->AddProject(
> +        'pgoutput', 'dll', '',
> +        'src/backend/replication/pgoutput');
> +    $pgoutput->AddReference($postgres);
> Yup, that's correct.
> You have forgotten to update clean.bat, which should clean up pgoutput.dll.

If that's all that's required, I'll just go ahead and commit it right away,
including the clean.bat.

I think the problem with clean.bat isn't cleaning up pgoutput.dll -- that
one goes in a different directory. But it does need to clean up the
win32ver.rc file that gets dropped there automaticaly.

The attached patch itself seems broken (it has some sort of byte order
marker at the beginning, but removing that still breaks with "patch
unexpectedly ends in middle of line patch: **** Only garbage was found in
the patch input.". But I can just copy/paste it manually :)

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