On 06/05/17 19:38, Tom Lane wrote:
> Petr Jelinek <petr.jeli...@2ndquadrant.com> writes:
>> On 06/05/17 19:15, Tom Lane wrote:
>>> (Or, wait a minute.  That documentation only applies to v10, but we
>>> need to be writing this relnote for 9.6 users.  What terminology should
>>> we be using anyway?)
>> Yeah we need to somehow mention that it only affects 3rd party tools
>> using logical decoding.
>> "The initial snapshot created for a logical decoding slot was
>> potentially incorrect.  This could allow the 3rd party tools using
>> the logical decoding to copy incomplete existing(?) data.  This was
>> more likely to happen if the source server was busy at the time of
>> slot creation, or if two slots were created concurrently."
>>> Also, do we need to recommend that people not trust any logical replicas
>>> at this point, but recreate them after installing the update?
>> Yes, but only if there was preexisting data *and* there was concurrent
>> activity on the server when the "replication" was setup.
> OK, I can work with this.  Thanks for the help!

Great, thanks.

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