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> I've also noticed that both the atomics patch and unpatched master do
> something that looks a bit weird with synchronous seq-scans. If the
> parallel seq-scan piggybacked on another scan, then subsequent
> parallel scans will start at the same non-zero block location, even
> when no other concurrent scans exist.

That is what we expect.  The same is true for non-parallel scans as
well, refer below code for non-parallel scans.


finished = (page == scan->rs_startblock) ||
(scan->rs_numblocks != InvalidBlockNumber ? --scan->rs_numblocks == 0 : false);

* Report our new scan position for synchronization purposes. We
* don't do that when moving backwards, however. That would just
* mess up any other forward-moving scanners.
* Note: we do this before checking for end of scan so that the
* final state of the position hint is back at the start of the
* rel.  That's not strictly necessary, but otherwise when you run
* the same query multiple times the starting position would shift
* a little bit backwards on every invocation, which is confusing.
* We don't guarantee any specific ordering in general, though.
if (scan->rs_syncscan)
ss_report_location(scan->rs_rd, page);

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