Dann Corbit wrote:
> Perhaps all that is needed is some sort of automated, formal reporting
> procedure.  For example, a large test set might be created that runs a
> thorough regression feature list.  When the test completes, a data file
> is emailed to some central repository, parsed, and stored in a database.

I do have an automated build/initdb/regression that I run every night
and email the results to myself.

        [ "X$1" != "X-n" ] && CLEAN="-c" && shift
        . /etc/profile
        rm -r /u/pg/data
        # return command error value
        (pgmakeall $CLEAN 2>&1; echo "$?" > $TMP/ret) | 
                (tee  $TMP/0; exit `cat $TMP/ret`) &&
        aspg initdb &&
        pgstart &&
        newdb test &&
        cd /pg/test/regress &&
        gmake clean &&
        aspg gmake installcheck
        grep warning $TMP/0 | 
                grep -v setproctitle | 
                grep -v find_rule | 
                grep -v yy_flex_realloc |
                grep -v '\[javac\] 1 warning'

I also run this after I apply patches.

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