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> Tom said that our low-hanging fruit is gone and only hard
items are
> left.  This is certainly true.  What is hard to accept is that
those big
> items take _weeks_ of focused development, and we just don't
have enough
> full-time developers who can spend that amount of time to do
them.  The
> sad truth is that there is alway something _else_ to do,
rather than
> block out weeks to code a complex feature.  And these are
> features that can't be done incrementally, but require a huge
input of
> time before there is any payback.
> I tried with Win32, and spent a few weeks getting us closer,
but my
> other work of housecleaning (email/patches/cleanup), and
> (speaking and tutorial preparation) just make it impossible to
spend the
> time needed to complete a big item.  And people were rightly
upset that
> the patches weren't getting applied or cleanup done in a
timely manner.
> It is depressing.

I was disappointed that Satoshi Nagayasu's two-phase commit
patches seemed to be implicitly rejected by lack of an
enthusiastic response by any of the core members. Distributed
query (not replication) would have been a very nice feature.
It's what separates, in part, Oracle Enterprise Edition from the
Standard Edition, and it appeared someone (Satoshi Nagayasu) was
more than willing to get the ball rolling. But the flight path
bothered some I guess so we got nothin'

Mike Mascari

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