Tom Lane wrote:
BTW, I would not approve of a response along the lines of "can't you
#ifdef to the point that there are no code changes in the Unix builds?"
No you can't, unless you want to end up with an unmaintainable mess of #ifdef spaghetti. The thing that makes this hard is the tradeoff
between making the code readable and maintainable (which requires
sharing as much code as possible across platforms) vs isolating
platform-specific considerations. Programming at this level is not
a science but an art form, and it's very hard to get it right the first
time --- especially when none of us have access to all the platforms
that the code must ultimately work on.

Exactly my point and the reason I am doing the entire fork+exec stuff over again. Bruce nagged me endlessly to commit the broken parts I had and fix them later. I never agreed with that philosophy because in my experience the worst workarounds live forever.


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