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> >3.
> >In following function isDefaultPartitionBound, first statement "return
> false"
> >is not needed.
> It is needed to return false if the node is not DefElem.

Please have a look at following code:

+ * Returns true if the partition bound is default
+ */
+isDefaultPartitionBound(Node *value)
+ if (IsA(value, DefElem))
+ {
+ DefElem defvalue = (DefElem ) value;
+ if(!strcmp(defvalue->defname, "DEFAULT"))
+ return true;
+ return false;
+ }
+ return false;

By first return false, I mean to say the return statement inside the
if block "if (IsA(value, DefElem))":

+ if(!strcmp(defvalue->defname, "DEFAULT"))
+ return true;
+ return false;

Even if this "return false" is not present, the control is anyway going to
fall through and will return false from the outermost return statement.

I leave this decision to you, but further this block could be rewritten as
below and also can be defined as a macro:

isDefaultPartitionBound(Node *value)
return (IsA(value, DefElem) &&
!strcmp(((DefElem) value)->defname, "DEFAULT"));

Jeevan Ladhe

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