I observed that in pg_dump/pg_dumpall - 'create publication' syntax is not coming properly if only specified value is mentioned in publish.

Testcase to reproduce -

\\create a publication

postgres=# CREATE PUBLICATION abc for all tables with (publish='insert');

\\take the plain dump

[centos@centos-cpula bin]$ ./pg_dump -FP -p 5000 postgres  > /tmp/a.a

\\check the syntax

[centos@centos-cpula bin]$ cat /tmp/a.a |grep 'create publication abc' -i
CREATE PUBLICATION abc FOR ALL TABLES WITH (publish = 'insert, , ');

\\try to execute the same syntax against psql terminal

postgres=# CREATE PUBLICATION abc FOR ALL TABLES WITH (publish = 'insert, , ');
ERROR:  invalid publish list

Same is valid for pg_dumpall as well..

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