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> Sure, but part of the point of beta testing is to get user feedback.

Yes, and I'm also proposing this in the user's point of view, which I believe 
holds true for people here.  I'm worried from my support experience that strict 
customers would complain and question the HA.

> I agree with Robert's point that major redesign of the feature on the basis
> of one complaint isn't necessarily the way to go.  Since the existing
> behavior is already out in beta1, let's wait and see if anyone else complains.
> We don't need to fix it Right This Instant.

I'm OK with considering this during beta testing.  But do you think there will 
be enough beta testers and some of them will find this kind of subtle problem?  
I'm afraid this type of problem will be detected and complained after some time 
in production...  So, I think we should address this proactively on the basis 
of good sense.

> Maybe add this to the list of open issues to reconsider mid-beta?

Done.  I'll examine whether we can use SQLSTATE.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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