On 5/12/17 13:25, Masahiko Sawada wrote:
>> postgres=#  alter subscription sub set publication pub refresh;
>> NOTICE:  removed subscription for table public.t1
>> NOTICE:  removed subscription for table public.t2
>> I think  - in publication too ,we should provide NOTICE messages.
> I guess one of the reason why we emit such a NOTICE message is that
> subscriber cannot control which table the upstream server replicate.
> So if a table got disassociated on the publisher the subscriber should
> report that to user. On the other hand, since the publication can
> control it and the changes are obvious, I'm not sure we really need to
> do that.
> BTW I think it's better for the above NOTICE message to have subscription 
> name.

Why?  These come directly has a result of the ALTER SUBSCRIPTION
command, so you see what they refer to.

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