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Robert Haas <robertmh...@gmail.com> writes:
On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 11:00 PM, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
The reason PGSSTrackLevel is "unrecognized" is that it's not in
typedefs.list, which is a deficiency in our typedef-collection
technology not in indent.  (I believe the problem is that there
are no variables declared with that typename, causing there to
not be any of the kind of symbol table entries we are looking for.)

This, however, doesn't sound so good.  Isn't there some way this can be fixed?

I'm intending to look into it, but I think it's mostly independent of
whether we replace pgindent itself.  The existing code has the same
problem, really.

One brute-force way we could deal with the problem is to have a "manual"
list of names to be treated as typedefs, in addition to whatever the
buildfarm produces.  I see no other way than that to get, for instance,
simplehash.h's SH_TYPE to be formatted as a typedef.  There are also
some typedefs that don't get formatted correctly because they are only
used for wonky options that no existing typedef-reporting buildfarm member
builds.  Manual addition might be the path of least resistance there too.

Now the other side of this coin is that, by definition, such typedefs
are not getting used in a huge number of places.  If we just had to
live with it, it might not be awful.

Dealing with the typedef lists in general is a bit of a pain to get
right, to make sure that new just-written code gets correctly indented.
Perhaps we could find a way to incorporate the buildfarm typedef lists
and a manual list and a locally generated/provided set in a simpler
fashion in general.

You can get a pretty good typedefs list just by looking for the pattern "} <type name>;". Something like this:

grep -o -h -I --perl-regexp -r "}\W(\w+);" src/ contrib/ | perl -pe 's/}\W(.*);/\1/' | sort | uniq > typedefs.list

It won't cover system headers and non-struct typedefs, but it catches those simplehash typedefs and PGSSTrackLevel. Maybe we should run that and merge the result with the typedef lists we collect in the buildfarm.

- Heikki

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