On 05/22/2017 03:10 AM, Michael Paquier wrote:
Hi all,

When attempting to connect using password authentication through SSL,
the backend will complain in its log with the following entry before
calling sendAuthRequest(), which asks the client for a password:
LOG:  could not receive data from client: Connection reset by peer

After a short talk with Heikki, it seems that be_tls_read() complains
on SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN, which is documented here:
The TLS/SSL connection has been closed. If the protocol version is SSL
3.0 or TLS 1.0, this result code is returned only if a closure alert
has occurred in the protocol, i.e. if the connection has been closed
cleanly. Note that in this case SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN does not
necessarily indicate that the underlying transport has been closed.

As this is a clean shutdown of the SSL connection, shouldn't
be_tls_read() return 0 to the caller instead of -1? This would map
with what the non-SSL code path does for raw reads.

Yeah. The be_tls_read() change looks OK to me.

Can SSL_ERROR_ZERO_RETURN also happen in a write? I suppose it can, but returning 0 from secure_write() seems iffy. My man page for send(2) doesn't say that it would return 0 if the connection has been closed by the peer, so that would be different from the non-SSL codepath. Looking at the only caller to secure_write(), it does check for 0, and would treat it correctly as EOF, so it would work. But it makes me a bit nervous, a comment in secure_write() at least would be in order, to point out that it can return 0 to indicate EOF, unlike the raw write(2) or send(2) system functions.

In libpq, do we want to set the "SSL connection has been closed unexpectedly" message? In the non-SSL case, pqsecure_raw_read() doesn't set any error message on EOF. Also, even though the comment in pgtls_read() says "... we should not report it as a server crash", looking at pqReadData, ISTM that returning 0 will in fact lead to the "server closed the connection unexpectedly" message. And it seems like a good assumption anyway, that the server did in fact terminate abnormally, if that happens. We don't expect the server to disconnect the client without notice, even though it's not unusual for the client to disconnect without notifying the server.

- Heikki

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