Hello everyone,

I'm building In-Memory index extension for Postgres, for which i'm trying
to use DSA. But ended with some issues, as it is not allowing me to create
DSA(Dynamic Shared Area) in _PG_init function.

Please refer my_PG_init code below:

> void
> _PG_init(void)
> {
> area = dsa_create(LWLockNewTrancheId(), "CustomIndex_DSA");
> area_handle = dsa_get_handle(area);
> }

Because of this code, Postgres is not starting. Not even giving any error
messages in pg logs. Hence, i'm totally clue less :(

Please let me know how to proceed. Your help is highly appreciated.

PS: Applied all the DSM related patches over Postgres 9.6.1 as per below
thread and confirmed the same by running some test programs.


Thanks & Best Regards,

- Mahi

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