Daniel Gustafsson <dan...@yesql.se> writes:
> While hacking on pg_upgrade in downstream Greenplum I ran into an error which
> seems like an old, and obscure, bug in pg_dump (unrelated to pg_upgrade).
> pg_dump generates incorrect SQL for an operator class which has no operators 
> or
> procedures, and which has the same column and storage types.

Good catch.

> The attached patch adds a belts-and-suspenders check in dumpOpclass() which
> appends the STORAGE clause in case nothing had been added.

Seems reasonable (the comment could use some wordsmithing maybe) ...

> ... The DROP in
> alter_generic is also removed to exercise the code path, being able to
> pg_upgrade what is executed in regression seem like a good idea.

... but that's a nonstarter.  We can't have the regression tests leaving
global objects (users) lying around.

I'll commit and back-patch this without a test case.  Possibly Frost will
be excited enough about it to add something to the pg_dump TAP tests,
but those tests are too opaque for me to want to do so.

                        regards, tom lane

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