We saw a handful bugs reported because RELKIND_PARTITIONED_TABLE was
not added to appropriate conditions on relkind. One such report is
[1]. On that thread I suggested that we encapsulate these conditions
as macros. Here's excerpt of my mail.

I noticed, that
after we introduced RELKIND_PARTITIONED_TABLE, we required to change a
number of conditions to include this relkind. We missed some places in
initial commits and fixed those later. I am wondering whether we
should creates macros clubbing relevant relkinds together based on the
purpose of the tests e.g. IS_RELKIND_HAS_STORAGE(). When a new relkind
is added, one can examine these macros to check whether the new
relkind fits in the given macro. If all those macros are placed
together, there is a high chance that we will not miss any place in
the initial commit itself.

For example, if we had a macro IS_RELKIND_WITH_STATS defined as
#define IS_RELKIND_WITH_STATS(relkind) \
((relkind) == RELKIND_RELATION || \
(relkind) == RELKIND_MATVIEW)

and CreateStatistics() and getExtendedStatistics() had following conditions
if (!IS_RELKIND_WITH_STATS(rel->rd_rel->relkind)) and if
(!IS_RELKIND_WITH_STATS(tabinfo->relkind)) resp. The patch would be
just adding
(relkind) == RELKIND_FOREIGN_TABLE || \

to that macro without requiring to find out where all we need to add
those two relkinds for statistics purposes.
-- excerpt ends

Peter Eisentraut thought that idea is worth a try. I gave it a try on
my way back from PGCon. Attached is a series of patches, one per
macro. This isn't a complete series but will give an idea of what's
involved. It might be possible to change switch cases at some places
to use if else with these macros. But I haven't done any changes
towards that.

Best Wishes,
Ashutosh Bapat
EnterpriseDB Corporation
The Postgres Database Company

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