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  What makes you think above is a valid usage and should
with earlier versions ,for instance - v.96 v/s v9.5 ,pg_resetwal was giving pg_control values .

Installed v9.6 and v9.5 and run pg_resetwal of v9.6 against data directory of v9.5.

[centos@centos-cpula ~]$ /tmp/pg9.6/bin/pg_resetxlog -D /tmp/pg9.5/bin/data/
pg_resetxlog: pg_control exists but is broken or unknown version; ignoring it
Guessed pg_control values:

pg_control version number:            960
Catalog version number:               201608131
Database system identifier:           6425491233437069295
Latest checkpoint's TimeLineID:       1
Latest checkpoint's full_page_writes: off
Latest checkpoint's NextXID:          0:3
Latest checkpoint's NextOID:          10000
Latest checkpoint's NextMultiXactId:  1
Latest checkpoint's NextMultiOffset:  0
Latest checkpoint's oldestXID:        3
Latest checkpoint's oldestXID's DB:   0
Latest checkpoint's oldestActiveXID:  0
Latest checkpoint's oldestMultiXid:   1
Latest checkpoint's oldestMulti's DB: 0
Latest checkpoint's oldestCommitTsXid:0
Latest checkpoint's newestCommitTsXid:0
Maximum data alignment:               8
Database block size:                  8192
Blocks per segment of large relation: 131072
WAL block size:                       8192
Bytes per WAL segment:                16777216
Maximum length of identifiers:        64
Maximum columns in an index:          32
Maximum size of a TOAST chunk:        1996
Size of a large-object chunk:         2048
Date/time type storage:               64-bit integers
Float4 argument passing:              by value
Float8 argument passing:              by value
Data page checksum version:           0

Values to be changed:

First log segment after reset:        000000010000000000000002

If these values seem acceptable, use -f to force reset.
[centos@centos-cpula ~]$

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