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> > Perhaps the people on this list who are pushing 2PC could do the ground work?  
> - 2PC is better than a standard transaction when dealing with multiple
> servers as it can recover in some circumstances (but not all).
> - 2PC (XA support as described by the X/Open group) is the only
> implementation of distributed transactions supported by many third party
> components -- that I'm aware of -- to the point where it is a part of
> the Java Spec on dealing with distributed transactions.
> - 2PC isn't very good in a number of circumstances, as such PostgreSQL
> should avoid its use when PostgreSQL has a choice in the matter -- like
> communication with other PostgreSQL servers.
> This is a case of learning to speak Japanese because all of the people
> you want to talk with only speak Japanese. It simply doesn't matter how
> good Esperanto is.

Agreed --- other db's have it, and people ask for it, so we should just
do our best and document the limitations.

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