Nikita Glukhov <> writes:
> Attached two small fixes for the previous committed patch:

> 1. I've noticed a difference in behavior between json_populate_record()
> and  jsonb_populate_record() if we are trying to populate record from a
> non-JSON-object: json function throws an error but jsonb function returns
> a record with NULL fields. So I think it would be better to throw an error
> in jsonb case too, but I'm not sure.

Agreed on the error.  I reformatted the code a bit.

> 2. Also I've found a some kind of thinko in JsGetObjectSize() macro, but it
> seems that this obvious mistake can not lead to incorrect behavior.

Hm, I think it actually was wrong for the case of jsonb_cont == NULL,
wasn't it?  But maybe that case didn't arise for the sole call site.
Anyway, agreed.  Pushed both patches.

                        regards, tom lane

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