Noah Misch <> writes:
> On Mon, May 29, 2017 at 03:20:41AM +0000, Tom Lane wrote:
>> Annotate the fact that somebody added location fields to PartitionBoundSpec
>> and PartitionRangeDatum but forgot to handle them in
>> outfuncs.c/readfuncs.c.  This is fairly harmless for production purposes
>> (since readfuncs.c would just substitute -1 anyway) but it's still bogus.
>> It's not worth forcing a post-beta1 initdb just to fix this, but if we
>> have another reason to force initdb before 10.0, we should go back and
>> clean this up.

> +1 for immediately forcing initdb for this, getting it out of the way.  We're
> already unlikely to reach 10.0 without bumping catversion, but if we otherwise
> did, releasing 10.0 with a 10beta1 catversion would have negative value.

I'm not really for doing it that way, but I'm willing to apply the fix
if there's consensus for your position.  Anybody else have an opinion?

                        regards, tom lane

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