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>> Hi,
>> We have had issue with walsender timeout when used with logical decoding
>> and the transaction is taking long time to be decoded (because it
>> contains many changes)
>> I was looking today at the walsender code and realized that it's because
>> if the network and downstream are fast enough, we'll always take fast
>> path in WalSndWriteData which does not do reply or keepalive processing
>> and is only reached once the transaction has finished by other code. So
>> paradoxically we die of timeout because everything was fast enough to
>> never fall back to slow code path.
>> I propose we only use fast path if the last processed reply is not older
>> than half of walsender timeout, if it is then we'll force the slow code
>> path to process the replies again. This is similar logic that we use to
>> determine if to send keepalive message. I also added CHECK_INTERRUPRS
>> call to fast code path because otherwise walsender might ignore them for
>> too long on large transactions.
>> Thoughts?
> +     TimestampTz     now = GetCurrentTimestamp();
> I think it is not recommended to read the current time too
> frequently, especially within a loop that hates slowness. (I
> suppose that a loop that can fill up a send queue falls into that

Yeah that was my main worry for the patch as well, although given that
the loop does tuple processing it might not be very noticeable.

> category.)  If you don't mind a certain amount of additional
> complexity for eliminating the possible slowdown by the check,
> timeout would be usable. Attached patch does almost the same
> thing with your patch but without busy time check.
> What do you think about this?

I think we could do it that way.

> # I saw that SIGQUIT doens't work for active publisher, which I
> # think mention in another thread.

Ah missed that email I guess, but that's the missing CHECK_INTERRUPTS();
in the fast-path which btw your updated patch is missing as well.

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