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Michael A Nachbaur wrote:
> Attached is a patch that provides *VERY* limited support for multiple slave 
> servers.  I haven't tested it very well, so use at your own risk (and I 
> recommend against using it in production).
> Basically, I have a central database server that has 4 summary tables inside 
> it replicated to a remote slave (these database tables are for my mail server 
> authentication, so these are replicated to another server tuned for many 
> connections, and so I don't have postgres connections opened straight to my 
> back-end database server).
> Unfortunately, I also wanted to implement a replication database server for 
> hot-backups.  I realized, too late, that the replication process is pretty 
> greedy and will try to replicate all tables marked as a "MasterAddTable".
> To make a long story, I made a patch to and Replicate that allows you 
> to specify, on the command line, a list of tables that you want to 
>'ll ignore all others.
> I haven't finished, since this has to be integrated with CleanLog for 
> instance, but this should (and does) suffice for the moment.
> I have yet to test it with two slaves, but at least my mail server replication 
> database now works (it was failing every time it tried to replicate, for a 
> variety of reasons).
> Anyone have any suggestions on how to improve on this?  (or, if someone more 
> familiar with this code wants to take the ball and run with it, you're 
> welcome to).
> -- 
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