Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> My point is that we shouldn't be putting checks into DDL commands about
> single-user mode if the actual cause of the issue is in a lower-level
> system.  Not all uses of a particular DDL command necessary use a latch,
> for example.  Also, there could be other things that hit a latch that
> are reachable in single-user mode that we haven't found yet.

> So I think the check should either go somewhere in the latch code, or
> possibly in the libpqwalreceiver code.  Or we make the latch code work
> so that the check-for-postmaster-death code becomes a noop in
> single-user mode.  Suggestions?

It's certainly plausible that we could have the latch code just ignore
WL_POSTMASTER_DEATH if not IsUnderPostmaster.  I think that the original
reasoning for not doing that was that the calling code should know which
environment it's in, and not pass an unimplementable wait-exit reason;
so silently ignoring the bit could mask a bug.  Perhaps that argument is
no longer attractive.  Alternatively, we could fix the relevant call sites
to do "(IsUnderPostmaster ? WL_POSTMASTER_DEATH : 0)", and keep the strict
behavior for the majority of call sites.

                        regards, tom lane

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