Hello Brent,

Regarding the error message earlier

'No columns or command has no result',

it might be clearer with the slightly longer

'The result has no columns or the command has no result'.

I agree that a better phrasing may be possible.

I'm hesitating about this one because word "result" appears twice, but this is the underlying issue, maybe there is no result, or there is a result but it is empty... so somehow this might be unavoidable. On rereading it, I think that your sentence is better balance as the two cases have both a verb and a structured the same, so it seems better.

Another terser version could be: 'No or empty result' or 'Empty or no result', but maybe it is too terse.

I didn't read the patch though, just the email so that might not make sense in context.

Thanks for the suggestion!


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