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Thanks for reporting and lecture about unicode.
I attached a patch as the instruction from Thomas. Could you confirm it.

-           is_plain_letter(table[codepoint.combining_ids[0]]) and \
+           (is_plain_letter(table[codepoint.combining_ids[0]]) or\
+            len(table[codepoint.combining_ids[0]].combining_ids) > 1) and \

Shouldn't you use "or is_letter_with_marks()", instead of "or len(...)
1"?  Your test might catch something that isn't based on a 'letter'
(according to is_plain_letter).  Otherwise this looks pretty good to
me.  Please add it to the next commitfest.

Thanks for confirm, sir.
I will add it to the next CF soon.

Sorry for lately response. I attach the update patch.

Uh, there is no patch attached.

Sorry sir, reattach the patch.
I also added it to the next CF and set reviewers to Thomas Munro. Could you confirm for me.

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