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> First, I just do not know, can VACUUM erase page with predicate lock?

For handling in btree, see:


Note also this discussion:


It doesn't look like we ever got to the optimization Heikki
suggested in that post, so on rare occasions we could see a false
positive from this.  Perhaps we should give this another look while
we're in the AMs.

> Right now, GiST never deletes pages, as far as I know, so this
> question is only matter of future compatibility.


> Second, when we are doing GiST inserts, we can encounter unfinished
> split. That's not a frequent situation, but still. Should we skip
> finishing split or should we add it to collision check too?

When a page is split, I think you need to call
PredicateLockPageSplit() before it gets to the point that an insert
to get to it.

Kevin Grittner
VMware vCenter Server

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