On 6/7/17 21:19, Josh Berkus wrote:
> The user's first thought is going to be a network issue, or a bug, or
> some other problem, not a missing PK.  Yeah, they can find that
> information in the logs, but only if they think to look for it in the
> first place, and in some environments (AWS, containers, etc.) logs can
> be very hard to access.

You're not going to get very far with using this feature if you are not
looking in the logs for errors.  These are asynchronously operating
background workers, so the only way they can communicate problems is
through the log.

I don't disagree with your general premise.  We have done a fair amount
of fiddling already to show some errors as early as possible.  But we
can't know all of them, and we shouldn't give the impression that we do.

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