Josh Berkus <> writes:
> select proname, prosrc, proargtypes, provolatile from pg_proc where
> proname = 'to_tsvector';

Slightly more readable version:

regression=# select oid::regprocedure, provolatile, proparallel from pg_proc 
where proname = 'to_tsvector';
             oid              | provolatile | proparallel 
 to_tsvector(jsonb)           | s           | s
 to_tsvector(regconfig,text)  | i           | s
 to_tsvector(text)            | s           | s
 to_tsvector(json)            | s           | s
 to_tsvector(regconfig,jsonb) | s           | s
 to_tsvector(regconfig,json)  | s           | s
(6 rows)

> Both of the _byid functions should be marked immutable, no?  Otherwise
> how can users use the new functions for indexing?

Yeah, if the (regconfig,text) one is considered immutable, I don't see
why the other two aren't.  The justification for the other three being
only stable is that they depend on default_text_search_config.

(You could argue that none of these should be immutable because text
search configurations are changeable, but we already decided to ignore
that for the (regconfig,text) case.)

                        regards, tom lane

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