Justin Pryzby <pry...@telsasoft.com> writes:
> This comment from ~1996 says:
> https://doxygen.postgresql.org/postgres_8c_source.html
>  4421      * the only stats we don't show here are for memory usage -- i can't
>  4422      * figure out how to interpret the relevant fields in the rusage 
> struct,
>  4423      * and they change names across o/s platforms, anyway. if you can 
> figure
>  4424      * out what the entries mean, you can somehow extract resident set 
> size,
>  4425      * shared text size, and unshared data and stack sizes.

> .. is that really (still) the case for supported platforms?  I'm hoping that 
> in
> 2017 one can just call getrusage() if autoconf says it's okay ??

We already do call getrusage().  The point of that comment is that the
contents of the resulting struct rusage are not very well standardized.
POSIX says only

    The <sys/resource.h> header defines the rusage structure that includes
    at least the following members:

        struct timeval ru_utime   user time used
        struct timeval ru_stime   system time used

(seems the same in 1997 and 2008 text).  So the existing code has already
got its neck stuck way out in terms of portability.  Maybe you could push
it further, but I bet you'll find that the situation isn't any better than
it was at the time that comment was written.

It's entirely possible that we could simplify the code some, because
I suspect that Windows is the only remaining platform that doesn't
HAVE_GETRUSAGE.  But that in itself doesn't mean we can use any more
fields than we do now.

                        regards, tom lane

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