* Andrew Dunstan wrote:

On 06/11/2017 11:33 AM, Christian Ullrich wrote:

To build correctly, it requires defining _WIN32_WINNT to be 0x600 or
above (and using an SDK that knows about InitOnceExecuteOnce()).

We already define _WIN32_WINNT to be 0x0600 on all appropriate platforms
(Vista/2008 and above), so I think you could probably just check for
that value.

Not quite; the definition depends on the build toolset, not the build platform. When building with VS 2015 and above, _WIN32_WINNT is set to 0x600 (Vista/2008), while with older compilers, the value is 0x501 (XP/2003). This is also due to locale issues, but of a different kind, and is apparently coincidental.

The build platform does not figure into the target platform, which is clearly a good idea for binary distribution reasons.


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