Added to TODO:

        * Allow creation of a libpq-only tarball


The Hermit Hacker wrote:
> Just a side bar to the whole thread about PHP/MySQL ... I realize that
> libpq is intwined with the backend right now, but if anyone could think of
> a way of at least adding a make target that would create a libpq.tar.gz
> distribution, I believe it would go a long way towards making it easier
> for ppl to add/compile in PgSQL support into PHP ... right now, to do so,
> you have to download an 8Meg file to get libpq ... if it could be reduced
> to a <.5Meg tar.gz file:
> svr1# du -sk libpq
> 532     libpq
> it would be less onerous to download and add the support in ...
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