Hi all,

I have noticed that the following messages can show up from
pg_receivewal even if the verbose mode is not used:
        if (prevtimeline != 0 && prevtimeline != timeline)
                fprintf(stderr, _("%s: switched to timeline %u at %X/%X\n"),
                                progname, timeline,
                                (uint32) (prevpos >> 32), (uint32) prevpos);
        if (time_to_abort)
                fprintf(stderr, _("%s: received interrupt signal, exiting\n"),
                return true;
Those come from stop_streaming in pg_receivewal.c. Shouldn't those
messages only show up to the user if --verbose is used? It seems
strange to me that at least the first one is written to the user as
that's not an error after promoting a standby.


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