I just found this typo while doing french translation, patch attached.


Julien Rouhaud
http://dalibo.com - http://dalibo.org
diff --git a/doc/src/sgml/brin.sgml b/doc/src/sgml/brin.sgml
index ad11109775..8dcc29925b 100644
--- a/doc/src/sgml/brin.sgml
+++ b/doc/src/sgml/brin.sgml
@@ -81,7 +81,7 @@
    occur.  (This last trigger is disabled by default and can be enabled
    with the <literal>autosummarize</literal> parameter.)
    Conversely, a range can be de-summarized using the
-   <function>brin_desummarize_range(regclass, bigint)</function> range,
+   <function>brin_desummarize_range(regclass, bigint)</function> function,
    which is useful when the index tuple is no longer a very good
    representation because the existing values have changed.
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