> Your modification does not look completely correct to me either.
> Temporary sequences can be updated in read-only transactions.

Not sure. Temporary sequences are meaningless on standby because
"create temporary sequence" command cannot be executed on standby
anyway (and temporary sequence are not replicated to standby of

> I think
> that the page listing the sequence-related functions should as well
> mention those restrictions for nextval() and setval().

If we do so, ANALYZE, VACUUM, LISTEN and NOTIFY man pages should also
be updated to mention that they can be executed in read only
transaction but not in standby servers. I'm not sure it's worth the
trouble. Moreover, that will create maintenance headache once we
decide to remove some of the restrictions, because we need to update
multiple places in the doc.
Tatsuo Ishii
SRA OSS, Inc. Japan
English: http://www.sraoss.co.jp/index_en.php

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