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Joe Conway <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I was thinking something similar. This exact question has come up at least three times in the last three months. I doubt we'd want a special keyword like CURRENT_QUERY, but maybe current_query()?

Not unless you want to promote a quick debugging hack, not expected or required to work 100%, into a supported feature. I don't think debug_query_string can be relied on to always reflect what the system is doing, particularly not in the 3.0 protocol extended-query case. And how about when you're executing queries inside a function --- is it supposed to tell you about the most closely nested SQL query?

I don't say this is not worth doing --- but I do say you are opening a
larger can of worms than you probably think.

Hmmm. Good points. This one may best wait for 7.5 at least. Does it make sense to turn it into a TODO?

* promote debug_query_string into a documented, supported feature

Anyone who *does* use the function from dblink, please be sure to report circumstances where dblink_current_query() returns something other than what you would expect.



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