On 2017-06-16 06:31:03 +0000, sanyam jain wrote:
> Isn't XLogRecord carries full information to be decoded in itself?If so a 
> VACCUM should not be a problem in decoding?

First: Please don't full quote emails.
Secondly: You've not actually explained what you want to do, nor what
your precise question itself is. Nor why Michael or my answer wasn't

Logicla decoding looks at the catalogs for metadata - otherwise the WAL
would need to contain a lot more information and thus be more voluminous
- so the records do *not* contain the "full information".

Please start at the beginning and explain what you're trying to do
(since you apparently did some hacking to get a slot on a standby) and
what you're trying to achieve, instead of one-sentence questions.

- Andres

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