I had originally planned to spend the next week editing all the elog()
calls in the backend to convert them to ereport() format where helpful,
add SQLSTATE values, and update wording to match the style guidelines
that were agreed to awhile back.

However, it looks like the same reasons that were holding me back still
apply: any wholesale editing will likely break unapplied patches, plus
I'll have to go back through the code when those patches do get applied.
With folk scrambling to get last-minute stuff done before feature
freeze, these are not good side-effects.

What I'd like to do instead is try to get the editing done during the
interval between feature freeze and the start of beta (which we've
already agreed is July 1 - July 15).  I do not feel that this violates
the spirit of "feature freeze", but does anyone want to object to that

                        regards, tom lane

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