On 6/16/17 23:46, Amit Kapila wrote:
> I have just posted one way
> to determine if icu library has support for ucol_strcollUTF8, see if
> that sounds like a way forward to you.

I'm not in a position to test such patches, so someone else will have to
take that on.

It might not be worth bothering.  ICU 50 is already about 5 years old.
If you're packaging for Windows, I suspect you have the option of
bundling a version of your choice.  The support for older versions is
mainly to support building on "stable" Linux distributions, and even
there the window of usefulness is closing.  (CentOS 7 has 50, CentOS 6
has 4.2 which is too old for other reasons, Debian stable has 52 (and it
will become oldstable after today)).

Then again, it might be worth putting things into place in case we have
to do similar detections in the future.

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