On Thursday 19 June 2003 07:36 pm, Michael A Nachbaur wrote:
> Attached is a patch that provides *VERY* limited support for multiple slave
> servers.  I haven't tested it very well, so use at your own risk (and I
> recommend against using it in production).

Okay, I just did some more testing, and found out that my code actually 
doesn't work.  Consider the attached test case (if run with "-delete", it 
will delete the master, slavea - slavec databases that it creates).

Anyway, it looks like it replicates the "A" table just fine, and the slaveb 
and slavec databases replicate just fine, but the "SyncID" was incremented by 
the SlaveA replication, and therefore "b" and "c" never get updated.

I don't know enough about how the RServ code works right now to fix this right 
away.  Any ideas?  Or should I just figure it out for myself?  (I know 
everyone is busy getting ready for the feature freeze)

Michael A Nachbaur <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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