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> Oops, I meant to send one more comment.
> On 2017/06/15 15:48, Amit Langote wrote:
> > BTW, I noticed the following in 0002
> +                                        errmsg("there exists a default
> partition for table \"%s\", cannot
> add a new partition",
> This error message style seems novel to me.  I'm not sure about the best
> message text here, but maybe: "cannot add new partition to table \"%s\"
> with default partition"

This sounds confusing to me, what about something like:
"\"%s\" has a default partition, cannot add a new partition."

Note that this comment belongs to patch 0002, and it will go away
in case we are going to have extended functionality i.e. patch 0003,
as in that patch we allow user to create a new partition even in the
cases when there exists a default partition.

Jeevan Ladhe

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