On 20/06/2017 17:37, Tom Lane wrote:
I wrote:
Marco Atzeri <marco.atz...@gmail.com> writes:
Building on Cygwin latest 10  beta1 or head sourece,
make check fails as:
performing post-bootstrap initialization ... 2017-05-31 23:23:22.214
CEST [16860] FATAL:  collation "ja_JP" for encoding "EUC_JP" already exists

Hmph.  Could we see the results of "locale -a | grep ja_JP" ?

Despite the lack of followup from the OP, I'm pretty troubled by this
report.  It shows that the reimplementation of OS collation data import
as pg_import_system_collations() is a whole lot more fragile than the
original coding.  We have never before trusted "locale -a" to not produce
duplicate outputs, not since the very beginning in 414c5a2e.  AFAICS,
the current coding has also lost the protections we added very shortly
after that in 853c1750f; and it has also lost the admittedly rather
arbitrary, but at least deterministic, preference order for conflicting
short aliases that was in the original initdb code.

Hi Tom,
I raised the duplication issue on the cygwin mailing list,
and one of the core developer reports that
they saw the same issues on Linux in the past.


                        regards, tom lane


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