2017-06-21 15:14 GMT-03:00 Peter Eisentraut <

> > It doesn't appear to be contingent on anything other than the content of
> > the command you just gave it.  I don't think we need a NOTICE saying
> > that it did that thing I just told it to do--that should be implicit by
> > the lack of an ERROR.
> I'm appreciative of this complaint.  The point is that we are allocating
> resources on a remote host that should not be forgotten.  I could go
> either way.

It is documented that subscription can create a replication slot on remote
host as mentioned in section "Replication Slot Management". If we want to
maintain the message let's downgrade it to DEBUG1 (as we do with "create
implicit index for table") but I prefer to rip it out.

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