On Tue, Oct 11, 2016 at 8:08 PM, Torsten Zuehlsdorff
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> On 28.09.2016 23:39, Thomas Munro wrote:
>> It's difficult to draw any conclusions at this point.
> I'm currently setting up a new FreeBSD machine. Its a FreeBSD 11 with ZFS,
> 64 GB RAM and Quad Core. If you're interested in i can give you access for
> more tests this week. Maybe this will help to draw any conclusion.

I don't plan to resubmit this patch myself, but I was doing some
spring cleaning and rebasing today and I figured it might be worth
quietly leaving a working patch here just in case anyone from the
various BSD communities is interested in taking the idea further.

Some thoughts:  We could decide to make it the default on FooBSD but
not BarBSD according to experimental results... for example several
people reported that macOS developer machines run pgbench a bit
faster.  Also, we didn't ever get to the bottom of the complaint that
NetBSD and OpenBSD systems wake up every waiting backend when anyone
calls PostmasterIsAlive[1], which this patch should in theory fix (by
using EVFILT_PROC instead of waiting on that pipe).  On the other
hand, the fix for that may be to stop calling PostmasterIsAlive in


Thomas Munro

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